Only $45?

Only $45?

Royal Diva feeling feminine, pampered and full of love energy. All for 45! Smile ladies.
Royal Diva feeling feminine, pampered and full of love energy. All for 45! Smile ladies.

I have this fascination. No wait. I have this addiction, yes that’s a better word, an addiction. Ever since the calendar days of my life have flipped closer towards 30 I have this insane desire to look and feel………like a lady. Pardon me, in my sexiest Marilyn Monroe voice. I. Am. A. Lady. I love the beauty of a no-chip manicure. How fiercely can I grab hold of the world, my man and these kids with a perfectly polished set of nails? More than a tight skirt can do, these powder pink nails give the world a small glimpse into the life force behind my smile. Only 45?

The other day my sister friend asked me what makes me smile. Of course I said my kids. I like puppies too, they’re cute. She said no. What makes your soul smile? What puts that little tingle in your spine and makes you feel on top of the world. Hmmmm. Good question. The first thing that popped into this overcrowded mind of mines were my bi-weekly Mani & Pedi’s.  The smooth way that bubbling water with the blue salt transforms my urban acrylic oasis into the white Jamaican sands; how those abrasive back massagers become Emery in a Speedo an hour and a half before I have to put the meatloaf on.  I can say nothing makes me feel more feminine, more girly and more like a lady than the $45 I spend twice a month with my sisters in love from the Vietnam.

But the sassy mom takes over my sexy side and says Ahmir could have gotten a new pair of school shoes or a new uniform. Dang $45 could have been my oil change and Chic-Fil-A for the kids since we’re going to be getting home late. How many hats do I wear? Which hat is more important? Is it the mother or significant other hat? The daughter or good neighbor hat? We won’t throw the spirituality hat in this equation…….see what I go through?!?! Or is it the woman hat? Is it the White hat Olivia Pope, Gladiator, She-Woman, I can do all things so I neeeds my bi-weekly mani-pedi escape to the white Jamaican sands and Emery, oh don’t forget the dark-chocolate immaculately sculpted, Emery.

 Insert You, Emery and the best massage here.....

Insert You, Emery and the best massage here…..

Whether its $5 or $45 ladies don’t skimp out on the most important person in the equation, you. Money comes. Money goes. It’s circular. You will continuously have moments of relative wealth and moments of relative struggle. But in the shadows waiting for her day in the sun SHE will always be, you, beautiful lady. Once those small cries turn into adolescent “mommies” and then to deep voiced “Thanks mom’s” and on to “Yes mom I promise to call you more often’s” you will remain. With or without that $45 7 years ago you couldn’t give yourself because the little one could use just one more uniform shirt. If your kids take turns washing their shirts by hand on Saturday mornings because they will last much longer than in the washing machine, then that’s just that much more time you all get to spend together learning shit they should know how to do anyway! Ha! Chicago can be a stressful place, we need your light ladies.  Live a little ladies and laugh a little more. So, tell me now, only $45? Dam right!

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