The Unspoken Topic Killing the People of Chicago

The Unspoken Topic Killing the People of Chicago

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If you turn on the news you hear people talk a lot about what’s wrong with Chicago. Politicians, pollution, crime etc.. but one problem that plagues this great big beautiful city more than ever goes unspoken about. This kills thousands of Chicagoan’s every year and yet I hear very little talk about it. You know it. I know it. Why are we scared? Why don’t we speak up and provide the very simple solutions to this epidemic.This one CAN be solved. Okay maybe I’m being a little hard on us here. I think people do understand what a major problem this is in my city. According to the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity 62% of Illinois’ adults are overweight or obese. The epidemic that is a silent killer in the Chicagoland area is fat. Bulging belly fat and protruding waist lines are slowly killing the people of my city.

Now am I fat shaming? No, not at all. I’ve spent most of my life in a body that was heavier than normal. I was a fat little girl and I have my moments as a grown adult when I am heavier than I would like to be. That is how I can speak first hand on how devastating this epidemic in our city is. I was fortunate enough to leave home at the age of 17 and start my collegiate career in the beautiful city of Atlanta, GA. 300 days of beauty, more college campuses in a metropolitan area than I can count and a bustling economy were all so welcoming to me. I was in love, until… was 101 degrees during the dog days of August and I was walking around campus in jeans and t-shirt. I had beautiful clothes but I had never seen so many people in one place with gorgeous and lean bodies! I mean seriously, everyone from the college students to the locals were slender and in good shape. No one was walking around with their bellies hanging out of their shirts or wearing super tiny shorts with not super tiny legs. This was the first time that I realized that it was not “the everyday normal” to be large and unhealthy.

I'm just saying, McDonald's is headquartered  in the Chicago Suburbs, bad start for our wellness and health initiative!
I’m just saying, McDonald’s is headquartered in the Chicago Suburbs, bad start for our wellness and health initiative!

Perhaps obesity is such an epidemic in Chicago because we don’t see it as a huge problem. Of course those of us who carry around health complications as well as extra weight feel the repercussions in their lives daily but for the people who are in fairly good health there is no constant warning or flashing yellow lights about the damage we are doing to our bodies. (I have a spectacular weight loss story to share at the end of this post but I will forever refer to “us” because this is a community problem and it effects us all.) Had we lived in a climate like Florida, the warm weather and necessity to shed layers of clothing would be a constant physical reminder to us of our extra weight. Perhaps if we lived in New York or L.A. the demanding fashion and business worlds would keep us on our physical toes; but we live in Chicago. A place that gets about 100 days of summer…on a good year, the middle of the heart land where growing crops and raising cattle were our forefathers’ past times. If weather and geography effect the mind in terms of happiness, drives and desires its no wonder we are packing on the pounds.  

Which picture makes you feel the best? Photo Courtesy of
                            Which picture makes you feel the best?
                          Photo Courtesy of
Which picture makes you feel better? Photo Courtesy of
                               Which picture makes you feel better?
                           Photograph Courtesy of

So? What are we going to do? You all know my motto, it’s the little things. Royal Diva will be contributing her .02 cents to the greater good by bringing you FUn, EASy and HEALTHy ways to fight diseases like heart disease, diabetes and fat, and giving you healthy recipes and meal choices. Chi By Design is about to change your life, one. blog. post. at. a. time. No worries, we are still going to bring you the local news and events around the city but we’ll do it with a flair. Stay tuned, Stay healthy and Stay Blessed!

P.S. My Weight Loss Success Story!

This January I was Blessed to give birth to a beautiful, pink, smiling baby girl. She has truly been amazing and brought so MUCH joy to our family. However she brought on the pounds too! For 3 months of maternity leave I and ate slept all day with my baby. In April I was headed back to work but I couldn’t fit any of my work clothes! I was throwing pieces together here and there just working with anything I could fit. I got back working, I got back active. I was feeling good.  Then my grandmother began her decent from this side of life and I was thrown through a major life change again. My life got flipped, turned upside down (fat shouts to Fresh Prince) and I decided then that I would live like my grandmother. My grandmother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer at the age of 71. At the age of 73 my grandmother had defied the odds and kicked cancer’s butt! She completely changed her diet, limited her meat intake to 1x a week, ate all organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, got physically active (at 71 WITH cancer!) and 2 years later with the grace of God and the help of her choices her life changed and she was cancer free. In this spirit I began to detox, to push all of those nasty toxins out of my body and began to fill up with the glorious and wonderful foods naturally provided to us. I lost over 30 pounds in 5 months! I hope you can join me in changing YOUR life.

Try my Health, Wellness and Peace Workshop in Chicago on October 11 for a 3 hour session on natural homegrown ways to reduce stress, eliminate toxins and reverse effects from common diseases like diabetes, obesity and various cancers.

To Register for the Wellness, Health & Peace Workshop call 312.721.8112!
To Register for the Wellness, Health & Peace Workshop call 312.721.8112!

Join Royal Diva and her team #Kisses4BreastCancer October 25 as we walk for a cure! If you can’t walk with our team, please consider donating to our fundraising goal here!  $1, $2 or whatever you can spare, we’d certainly appreciate it.

Follow our FB Page @ or donate here!
Follow our FB Page @
or donate here!

What ways are you using YOUR individual power to help?

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