Free Bed No Breakfast at Cook County Jail!

Free Bed No Breakfast at Cook County Jail!

Front View of Cook County Jail. Photo courtesy of
Front View of Cook County Jail. Photo courtesy of

Who likes jails? I mean, maybe except for proponents of the prison industry complex. Outside of the regular everyday dislike of jails, I have a special disdain for Cook County Jail on the west side at 26th and California. I was born and raised on the west side of the city so “the county” has always been in my view. Tales of christmas tree bologna sandwiches, you know when the fury mold grows in clusters on top of the meat, intense population lock downs and down right being an eye sore, “the county” has given me many reasons to stay away.

However over this July 4th weekend the Cook County Jail house has probably sealed the deal on my desire to visit inmates and read them poetry. A middle aged Chicago man was locked inside of an under-construction holding cell after he arrived to visit his son. For over 30 hours he was stuck behind locked partitions where he banged and yelled to get some ones attention. After more than a day of being stuck in jail he decided to break the sprinkler system which alerted the CFD, Chicago Fire Department, who arrived on the scene to check the sprinkler system and found the tired and hungry man.

County and jail officials all are bewildered as to how the man was led to the construction area as he was en route to the visitation area. Who knows? ?But on the brink of Chicago making national headlines in regards to violence in the city, we have got to do better than accidentally locking up innocent citizens. To check this crazy story out in full click here and Here’s some survival tips on how to survive if you find yourself in a new 9×7 condo, voluntarily or involuntarily. Until next time, stay out of jail and see you around. -RD




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