James R. Jordan Foundation 4th Annual Read with Me Festival

James R. Jordan Foundation 4th Annual Read with Me Festival

Co-Host Lah Tere singing to the crowd sharing the stage with our youth.


Hello Chicago! This weekend Royal Diva had the pleasure of attending the Read with Me Festival at Touhy-Herbert Park on Chicago’s west side. This event was definitely a treat for my entire family and we happened to arrive right on time. As we walked into the park co-host Lah Tere began to flow and sing methodically to children, parents and community partners under the big blue sky and bright sun. It was truly a picturesque Saturday afternoon. Lah Tere was joined on stage by the most beautiful boys and girls; one by one they showed us their talents and gave it all they had.

Tent after tent of learning and fun at the 4th Annual Read with Me Festival.


We left the stage to explore the rest of the activities. The first tent we stopped at was the food tent. Hey, we just went in order of which tent came next :). There were plenty of hotdogs (beef..yes!), chips, Gatorade and water for all the children and their parents. I cannot forget the ice cream cart. Free unlimited ice cream bars and popsicles for the kids. Thanks, yep thanks! Lol, as my son made a B-Line to the park area I decided to take a stroll and see what else the festival had to offer.


Co-Hosts Binkey and Lah Tere sharing a moment with our youth after the festival.


There was a Creative Writing workshop, a poetry table, free toy giveaways, games and my favorite of the day….the book table! There were hundreds of books each separated by grade level, free for the children to choose from. As my son ran back to the table he grabbed a bag and was instructed to choose 12 books, any ones that he liked and take them home with him. All the children’s faces were lit up with joy as they looked through the titles and picked out their favorite books. I wonder if they know how priceless the gift of reading is? We walked around and played some games. Just for the record I am no good at carnival games.

As the event was winding down the Foundation held some raffles and gave away electronics, free passes and lots of other goodies. I would personally like to thank the James R. Jordan Foundation and Bernie’s Book Bank for supporting our children during the summer months. Statistics show that 1 in 7 school aged children do not receive the proper nutrition during the summer months. It’s important that we continue to support the James R. Jordan Foundation and all other organizations that change the lives of our youth on an everyday basis. If you would like to invite CBD to cover your event click on the Contact Page and submit a request. Until next time, I’ll see you in the streets :). -Royal Diva

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