Dam, Chicago……..

Dam, Chicago……..

This is an ode to the city of Chicago. (Cue background violin music)

My love to thee is hard to explain.

We have 2 seasons, loads of politics and rugged terrain.

As I’m driving and I hear a thump,

I know its just my brand new car preparing for the dump.

We have these magical things here in the city for all to see

You can jump in or dive or swing from a tree.

They are so magical they alter your vehicle while no one is looking

I think there are tiny Leprechauns under the cement cooking

Cooking up ways to show me to slow my roll

No Leprechauns here

What almost took my life was a Chicago City Pothole!



To report your troubles with our beloved potholes log on to the City of Chicago at http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/cdot/dataset/potholetracker.html. Report your damage, take a picture and send the bill to Rahm!

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