Chicago & Syria: Who’s Civil War Means More to You?

Chicago & Syria: Who’s Civil War Means More to You?

Chicago, Royal Diva isn’t happy today. Not happy at all. Why? I’m so glad you asked! I’m sitting in the office and on a huge 72 inch flat screen TV I see the big bold words flash across the screen that says, “President Obama Holds Congressional Hearing on Syria”. Pause. Just in case you’ve been hiding under BBQ all Labor Day weekend I’ll quickly bring you up to speed.

Syria is a country in the Middle East that borders the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey and Iraq. Most of the Syrian Nation practices Islam although it is a very culturally and religiously diverse nation. Syria is in the midst of an intense Civil War, kind of like when the North and the South were fighting in America in 1861 over slaves. However the war in Syria is being fought between their government forces and civilian rebels. Over 100,000 people have been killed thus far; the world is certainly taking notice. April 2011 began the civil divide. Many citizens were unhappy with their current political structure so they began to protest. This is when the Syrian Government, led by President al-Assad, decided to kill thousands of innocent Syrian citizens as a show of power that the Syrian government would not allow any demonstrations or protests against their rule. Fast forward to September 2013 as I sit in front of this gigantic 72 inch TV screen and OUR President, President Barack Obama, is ready to attack!

But hold on.

In the city of Chicago in 2012 there were 502 murders and according to FBI files over 12,900 murders across the country. So President Obama holds a Congressional hearing on Syria? Where is our Congressional hearing on the murders of the innocent citizens of Chicago? We are losing so many people of our city and President Obama, who represented Chicago first as a Junior Senator then as a  full member of the Senate, has not even batted an eyelash in regards to the dire situation here. On top of that Russia, Iran and the United Nations are heavily against ANY type of U.S. military involvement. So much against our involvement that they have vowed to take military action against the people of the United States if our military becomes involved in the Syrian Civil War.

Might I ask you President Obama, are the citizens of Chicago not worthy enough for your intervention in our Civil War? When 6 month old Jonylah Watkins was shot and killed while her father changed her diaper or when 15 year old Hadiya Pendleton  (who just performed at your 2nd Presidential Inauguration might I add) is gunned down in the park outside of her school is it not enough for your intervention? Where is our Congressional hearing on the Civil War in Chicago?

I urge you President Barack Obama; do not intervene in the Syrian Civil War! You will bring the targets of Russia and Iran’s blazing missiles straight for the United States! We are already loosing over 500 people per year in Chicago and you and Congress don’t seem to care. Please don’t take more of our innocent citizens through military deployment and wars on our own soil. Chicago is already fighting an unacknowledged civil war. Which battle means more to you?

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