Chicago’s Entertainment was on FIRE! Lollapalooza and Comedy at the Shack

Chicago’s Entertainment was on FIRE! Lollapalooza and Comedy at the Shack

Heeey Chicago! Did you miss your Royal Diva? I was out and about this week with my pen and pad in hand covering the hottest entertainment events around the city. This week Chicago was on fire! The Lollapalooza Fest was held at Grant Park and we saw some of the biggest acts in music history grace the stages. Nine Inch Nails, Kendrick Lamar, The Killers, Chance the Rapper, School of RockQueens of the Stone Age and many more!  The energy once you stepped onto the Grant Park Festival grounds was amazing. Imagine the excitement of the night before Christmas coupled with the day before your first date; yes it was just that awesome. My favorite part of Lollapalooza was seeing the enormous amounts of Chicago based talent who came out to support the event. There were so many Chicago entertainers and food vendors that my purse was filled to the brim with pluggers (and food samples) from all across the city.

Once I tore myself from the main stage I scurried cross town to the DePaul Neighborhood just in time to catch the start of B. Cole Presents: Comedy at the Shack! This is a new weekly comedy show held at the upscale Harold’s Chicken Shack Bar and Grill. You may have tasted Harold’s Chicken before but not like this. B. Cole has brought together some of Chicago’s best comedians and paired them on stage for one hilarious night of Chicago style fried chicken and jokes. No one does fried chicken or jokes better than Chicago!

The night started off a little rough with stand in host Jari Bias. She gave me quite the laugh although you could tell that she was not completely comfortable owning the stage. The bar had an intimate and cozy feel which served as a challenge for the comedians as we were right there in their faces. As an entertainer I know that it is hard to entertain people when you can notice every time they post on FB or receive a text message. Surprisingly that did not stop the jokes. I was balled over in laughter as the night went on and it was really a great time. Comedians T. Davis, Mario, Hot Sauce, M. Brown, Mark Henderson, E Dot and Mike Saamp killed the stage. At one point the drinks were flowing and a few people in the audience got a little loud with their side chatter. If you have never seen a comedian hilariously rip into an audience member, Mike Saamp served up a dose of get right with a side of chicken! This event was truly my pleasure.

Comedian B. Cole is no stranger to the main stage. With comedic heavy weights under his belt including Def Comedy Jam, Bill Bellamy’s Who Got Jokes, BET’s Comic View and Urban Entertainment Buzz it was a given that B. bring his brand of Comedy to Chicago’s North side. Royal Diva sat down with B. Cole to get his take on the comedy scene in Chicago. “The first feature film that I wrote and directed was A Get2Gether. After filming in Hollywood I felt it was important to build an arch for up and coming Chicago comedians.” Currently working on a screenplay for Seth Rogen and Craig Robinson titled The Slap Box Kings it is very safe to say that Chicago and the world will being seeing more of B. Cole in the future. When asked, “Quickly off the top of your head what are 3 things that B. Cole cannot live without?” He responded, “Music, movies and my woman!”

Chicago funny man B. Cole and Royal Diva (plus her little baby bump!)

There you have it Chicago two wonderful events taking place in our city this past week. If you’re around town next August be sure to check out the 2014 Lollapalooza Music Fest. In the mean time you can check out Chicago’s best comedians every Friday for FREE at the new Harold’s Chicken Bar and Grill located 2360 North Clybourn Avenue. As always if you have an event that you want Royal Diva to check out e-mail me at I can’t wait to meet you around town! -RD

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