Illinois Senator Kimberly Lightford: A Day for Chicago’s Kids at Brookfield Zoo!

Illinois Senator Kimberly Lightford: A Day for Chicago’s Kids at Brookfield Zoo!

One of the major issues that plague the youth of Chicago is education reform. Should it come from the state, should it come from the parents, are teachers responsible? Well Saturday July 28, 2013 4th District State Senator Kimberly Lightford put all those questions aside to sponsor the 4th Annual Back to School “Uplift Our Future” Day at Brookfield Zoo!  This day offered free admission, free parking, free lunch, free backpacks and school supplies as well as free health screenings! How cool was that.

Royal Diva’s Fam at Brookfield Zoo!

My family and I took the day to enjoy each other and all the kids getting ready to go back to school this fall. One of the most exciting adventures of the day was the Sting Ray Bay. I haven’t experienced Sting rays this close since I left the beautiful Island of Jamaica. The children got to stick their hands in a big pool of water and let the sting rays get up close and personal. Okay the kids, and my mama, had a ball with the sting rays and left the bay smelling like fresh fish and all things ocean!

Stingray Bay at Brookfield Zoo!

This day was not only about empowering the family unit and celebrating the start of the new school year, Senator Lightford provided book bags, school supplies and lots of goodies to get our kids prepared to head back to school. Our Illinois politicians get such a bad rep, ahem Rod Blagojevich, its great to experience the good of our elected officials giving back to the people of Chicago! Thank you Senator Lightford and the 4th District for putting together this wonderful and free event! I know my family enjoyed, were you able to make it out Sunday? If you are or know of any of our Illinois politicians ‘doing good in the hood’ please e-mail Royal Diva at so we can come out and cover the event….. and hang out with you! Until next time. – Royal Diva

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