The Chicago Kite Festival!

The Chicago Kite Festival!

What’s up Chicago! It’s a brand new week and you know I have lots to share with you from this weekend. Unfortunately the weather turned up in Chicago this past week and so did a lot of violence šŸ˜¦ We will definitely address those concerns in an upcoming blog post, however that is not what Chicago’s all about so first we will jump in to this Kite Festival! Royal Diva got her big kid on at Montrose Beach on Saturday with thousands of families across the city this weekend.

Maybe if my kite had wheels it could be like a kite car.

So yeah, its cool that my kite spent more time on the ground than it did in the air. That’s the Royal Diva style! You know who’s kites DID stay in the air? The hundreds of adult PROFESSIONAL kite flyers that were there. I mean really, Professional Kite Flyers! Yes they do exist and they had some of the biggest and baddest kites to ever be flown by man. There were huge 50 feet long kites controlled by 7 and 8 strings that were gracing our sky this past weekend. It was amazing to see the adults more in to the kites than the kids!

This kite was controlled by multiple people on the ground. Too bad all the kids said this was a horrible Sponge Bob, maybe it was his cousin, Sponge Bill???

One of the great things about Chicago Festivals for the kids is that they are usually free. My son is an avid kite lover so we actually have several kites laying around our home but he wanted to make a new kite and the Chicago Park District provided kite kits to make and decorate yout own kites. (P.S. if your’e low on cash there are still millions of things that you can do for FREE this summer with your kiddies just look up your local Park District!)Ā Kids were coloring, taping and gluing their little fingers off……okay okay I was too!

My son and his friend decorating their kite this weekend. My son’s kite on the left says, “Free your mind. Don’t Look (lock) it up again.”

InĀ additionĀ to flying kites there were also many other activities for families to enjoy. Whole Foods brought delicious fresh fruits as well as some not so delicious organic fruit snacks. My son actually said, “What is this horrible mess!” However I enjoyed my sugar free, fat free, preservative free fruit stick! There were face paintings, and Crush pop! I sampled all 7 flavors of Crush pop and I have to recommend the Pineapple Crush as well as the Strawberry Crush, Peach Crush was my least favorite (yuck). I also got to do something I always wanted to do. I felt like this was a dream come true and an opportunity of a lifetime. Me, little ol’ me, would finally be able to answer the life long question that plagues us all. Which tastes better, Pepsi or Coke? Royal Diva took the Pepsi challenge! The beautiful Pepsi host swirled those bottlesĀ aroundĀ behind the big blue case and began to pour. Instantly I was excited, hey this IS the Pepsi Challenge alright! I got my taste buds ready and I sipped. I was so thirsty before I hit up the Pepsi Challenge truck that I asked for seconds! Once I was denied my fair share of extra Pepsi’s and Cokes it was time to make my decision.

Royal Diva taking the Pepsi Challenge! I don’t know why this made me so happy!!!

Which one was better? Surprisingly………Coke! I have always been an avid Pepsi supporter, you are what your family is (Go Bulls!). But yes, here you have it, Coke was MUCH better in a blind taste test. I’ll still buy Pepsi though, death before dishonor is the Chicago way. If you and your little ones did anything exciting around the city this weekend or you want Royal Diva and her little one to come and participate in your family friendly event, please email Until next time- RD.

(I will address the violence on our streets in an upcoming post. I am gathering interviews and going through the community to provide you with real and accurate responses to the way our Chicago communities are affected by violence).

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