Bulls Baby!

Bulls Baby!

Welcome to the greatest city in the world with THE greatest basketball team ever in history! Well, that’s debatable but if you were born and raised in the Chi like me, that’s your story and you’re sticking to it! I’m talking about The Bulls Baby! Home of Michael Jordan, the Luv-a-Bulls and our friend Benny! Game 3 of the first round NBA playoffs start tonight and the Bulls are in it to win it! Coming off a road trip win to the Brooklyn Nets the Bulls are looking to take the series lead tonight in our beautiful United Center!

This is how your picture of the United Center looks at night when its raining and you don’t want to mess up your really expensive camera.

Just like the Blackhawks and Da Bears the Bulls are a sacred group of men in which we Chicagoan’s fight tooth and nail to defend. Just think about the last conversation you had about Scottie Pippen…..I’ll wait……we don’t play! Pippen has not played for the Bulls in over a decade and we will still ride for him like its 1993. The best memory I have of the Chicago Bulls took place that same year, I was 8 years old and ready to party like it was 1999 (the year that I graduated 8th grade 🙂 ) The Bulls had just beat out Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns in one of the best finals of NBA history. The Bulls went to Phoenix and annihilated the Suns’ on their own home court. The team rode back to Chicago ready to wrap the series up but Barkley and the boys had other plans. The Bulls went on to loose the next two games at home and now it was do or die. Game 6- The Bulls and the Suns fought back and forth until their rubber soles were scorching the gym floor linoleum. Bulls up by two, Phoenix up by 3, Bulls steal and get the rebound! It was a hair raiser! Just when it looked like Phoenix would force us into a game 7, it happened. With the Bulls behind 98-96 with only 3.9 seconds left in the game, John Paxon hit a Hail Mary 3 pt shot and we did it! Your Chicago Bulls are the 3- time National Champions of the biggest basketball league in the world! It was amazing! Our city was on fire! People ran out of their homes and filled the streets, hugging strangers, crying tears of joy as if we were actually going to inherit some of that championship money! It was golden.

Then suddenly the biggest thing that could happen to an 8 year old happened. My mom looked at me and said grab your coat, we’re going to celebrate! Here it was waaay past 9 pm and I was actually being invited out of the house to celebrate one of the best basketball games I would ever watch in my life! That night we rode around the city with my moms friends and their kids, honking the horn and screaming and celebrating. The entire city was out. From Montrose Beach to the north to Rainbow Beach out south Chicago was partying and rightfully so. That season Michael Jordan averaged 41 points and the Bulls became the first NBA franchise to win 3 consecutive Championships in 27 years.

Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Photo courtesy of urbanmogullife.com

Man those were good times. Now we’re looking to begin again. This years Bulls franchise was hit with a major blow when Derrick Rose suffered a season ending ACL tear. With Joakim Noah and Luol Deng suffering periodically throughout this season it looked as if the Bulls were destined to watch the playoffs from their favorite vacation spot. Not my Bulls. The 2012-2013 season has seen the Bulls beat some of the toughest competitors including the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat. Will Rose return in the post season? That’s still to be determined but tonight inside of the world renowned United Center our Bulls meet the Brooklyn Nets in an attempt to get one step closer to the title. I will be watching in my Bulls get up, fitted hat and gym shoes. Royal Diva usually rocks the heels but for my Bulls, anything goes. Get your favorite drink, mines is a Sprite shaken, not stirred. Your favorite spot on the couch or booth at your local sports bar and get ready. Game 3 is a big one and will determine how the rest of this series plays out. I’m ready, are you? -RD

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