Chicago Fights for Sickle Cell

Chicago Fights for Sickle Cell

What’s up Chicago! I have missed you all but Your Royal Diva has been very busy and don’t I have a lot to share. This Monday CBD was invited to hang out with our hometown reality stars Alicia Samaan (Bad Girls Club 10) and Christina Scoleri (Mob Wives Chicago) in support of Sickle Cell Awareness. It is estimated that there are 100,000 Americans living with Sickle Cell Disease, a disease that effects the red blood cells and its ability to carry oxygen effectively throughout the body.So this past Monday the stars came out (and Royal Diva too) to the Shrine Night club for a night of cocktails, auctions and pictures! Boy did we take lot of pictures.

Chicago and Bad Girl Club’s own Alicia Samaan and Vh1’s Mob Wife Christina Scoleri blowing smooches over a strawberry.

The night began with a private VI.P reception and red carpet. In my attempts at being a fabulous woman I have adopted the policy of arriving early so I was alone as I strolled down the red carpet to the main event. Naturally I imagined my  saw-tooth skirt and big dangling earrings were being photographed for the cover of Vogue, I am so Chi By Design we think big! As I entered the room I was very surprised to see a live artisan painting her muse center stage. I was in awe of Anna. She took those tiny brush strokes and recreated a real life image to forever be captured in time as we all sat there and watched. I would have been so nervous but Anna was cool as a summer’s breeze on the lake front. I spent a lot of my time just watching her mix colors and effortlessly reiterate what I saw in the flesh. Here’s a picture of Anna.

Artist Anna Todaro painting and inspiring in support of sickle Cell Awareness.

After I broke my fixation with the live artistry my attention was directed to mingling. I’ve never been a good mingler but I worked the room. I am not sure who created the guest list for this event but I was impressed. Not by the status of the people in the room but by their hearts. Chicago is the 3rd largest entertainment market in America so it can be very competitive. As I munched on the mini cupcakes and cookies (shhh….don’t tell my waistline) I was approached by a very friendly mobile marketing manager. We chatted, exchanged info and he even gave me some encouragement on my personal endeavors! This is how the night continued. I met wonderful person after wonderful person. I was even interviewed by Mz. Que of the Purple Girl Radio show and she was a doll! Its so different being on the other end of the mic, I’m used to asking all the questions! Here is the Purple Girl Show interviewing Ms. Alicia.

Alicia Samaan being interviewed by Mz. Que of the Purple Girl show.

As the night wound down I continued to work the room and make some great connections. I must admit the most special time of the night was hanging out with my girl Alicia Samaan and catching up with her after her time on the Bad Girls Club, check her out here. Chicago is repping hard right now on the reality shows and CBD just may do a post on our fave Chicago Reality stars! If you have a favorite Chicago reality star or an event that you would like to invite CBD to email us at Here’s one of my favorite pics of the night! See you around Chi-City!- RD

Alicia Samaan and Royal Diva at the Shrine Night Club in support of Sickle Cell awareness.

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