Our Little Gems…..WCSU Radio IS Chi By Design!

Our Little Gems…..WCSU Radio IS Chi By Design!

There are beacons of hope all around the city of Chicago! I don’t know about you but everywhere I turn I see a shining example of how much creativity us Chicagoans have. Tucked away on the South East side of the city, that creative potential has Headed by radio legends Herb Kent and Troi Tyler WCSU is the home of Chicago’s rising stars and is delivering a dose of Chicago Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Rock to the world, yep the world Craig! In 2012 WCSU was bestowed the prestigious honor of becoming an iHeart Radio station in a global network that spans over 50 countries! Now that’s some star power baby! When you look closer you will see that WCSU is more than just a radio station, its a collective of the next era of radio hosts, dj’s, personalities and singers out of Chicago. Shhhhh. Listen. Do you hear that? It’s the noise of the movement that is Chicago in the entertainment scene and WCSU is in the forefront of bringing that Chicago vibe to the masses.

Photo by Fredrenna

WCSU lends an unadulterated voice to our city in a way that we can highlight our issues and share them with our brothers and sisters across the globe from china, to Japan to Jamiaca! Just imagine the impact we can make with a global voice and a global platform for Chicago? Well with the help of the dedicated staff and alumni WCSU has won numerous awards including “College Radio Station with the Most Community Service” and “Hottest Collegiate Street Team”! Oh and don’t think the industry hasn’t noticed. Just to name a few of our celebrity friends T.I, Wyclef Jean, Monique, Rocko, Lupe Fiasco, Effie Rolfs and many many more have graced the airwaves over at WCSU Radio. We would like to send out special love to former CSU Professor Donda West, AKA Mama Kanye, who left a legacy of hard work and dedication around campus.


WCSU has bred many personalities who now work for major radio networks such as Clear Channel Communications, Crawford Broadcasting and FOX News Affiliate stations!


To get in tune with what WCSU is doing around the community or for info on how to get YOUR music played on air please call773-995-2832! Download the iHeart Radio app and add your new favorite station WCSU! Much love to Troi, Sam-Blk Soldier, Lynda P, Lady-J, Ty Melody and the entire WCSU Radio Staff!


P.S Since your my hometown fam, I’ll share with you a pic from my early days on the air. Oh boy. Here goes: RD



One thought on “Our Little Gems…..WCSU Radio IS Chi By Design!

  1. You rock Royal DIVA…YOU TOTALLY ROCK..

    Chicago is what I consider as a mixture of many cities all in one! Everything you can image you can recieve right here in Chicago, but HERE you HAVE TO WORK.. You’re not getting SHhhht for free, TRUST! WCSU is a movement..that’s a forever turning page a with THE new face of Radio! THAT’LL BE ALL 🙂 NOW Let’s Grow…

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