Enchanted Forests and Armadillos

Enchanted Forests and Armadillos

For every one 1 off thing that you may say about Chicago there are 10 fantastic things you can say to counter that. One of the best things about Chicago is there is always something to do! Take today for an example,  it’s Wednesday evening and I’m chasing my son through an enchanted forest.


If you ever utter the words, “I’m bored” and you’re in the Chi please slap yourself and get to the nearest device and log on to google.com! No seriously your only bored here if you don’t use your imagination. My son is petting an Armadillo on a Wednesday night, trust me you can find plenty of things to do here!


If you can’t think of anything creative here are a few websites to get your juices flowing Metro Mix, Free Things To Do in Chicago, Hampton Majestic Chicago. And remember to try something on the other side of town. Flow your juices with some new faces  and let me know what cool Chi town spots you’ve found. Maybe I’ll hit up a few!

Another cool picture I took on tonight’s adventure. If the sun doesn’t stop shinning…..don’t you!

3 thoughts on “Enchanted Forests and Armadillos

  1. I learned to paint in mixed mediums, for free, at the Art Museum, two summers in a row. I’ve been to every museum and zoo, multiple times, for free. I could get lost in the library downtown. I grew up in the Chi and appreciate everything it taught me, even though I’m cool on ever living there again. If you’re gonna be there, take advantage of all it has to offer.

  2. Always good to check out Buddy Guys Blues club; cant go wrong. If you really want to cool out,I always like to kick back at Montrose Harbor. I get my picnic basket, blanket, sandwhich (don’t forget the wine) and watch the boats go in and out of the harbor into beautiful lake Michigan.

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